The Young Performers Recitals provide students a non-competitive performance opportunity. Recitals are limited to two students per teacher per recital, with a 5 minute piece maximum. For more information, contact our Young Performers Recital Chair: Andrea Llafet.


Young Performers Recitals:


Young Performers Recital Procedures:

  • To form a recital, the suggested minimum number of students is 15 (this number may be left to the discretion of the recital chairperson), with a maximum time of one hour.

  • Each teacher may enter up to four students, with two students in each recital. Teachers may specify on the entry form the recital time each student prefers. If there are only enough entries for one recital, each teacher may have up to four students at the same recital.

  • It is suggested that recitals be held at 2pm and 3:30pm on Sundays. If there are only enough entries for one recital, it may be held at 2:30pm. However, these times can be changed at the discretion of the recital chairperson.

  • Performance time is limited to five minutes per student. When filling out the entry form each teacher must be as accurate as possible on the time for each piece in order to estimate recital length. Each student may perform only one piece. However, that may be two short movements from the same work or a set of two short pieces as long as the total time does not exceed five minutes.

  • All information must be to submitted to the recital chairperson no later than 10 days before the recital. No phone entries, please. Entries may be submitted via regular mail or email but need to be received by the deadline.

  • Solo pieces must be memorized. Duet and other ensemble pieces may be played with music. In concerto movements the accompanist may use music but the soloist should perform from memory.

  • Recital programs shall be printed identifying the student, the piece, the composer, and the teacher.

  • Teachers may not enter students if they are not able to attend the recital (precluding unexpected illness or emergency). If a teacher does have to be absent from the recital, it is that teacher’s responsibility to find a “substitute” teacher to take his or her place. Each teacher (or substitute teacher) should bring 2 dozen cookies the day of the recital. Each teacher (or substitute teacher) will be given a blue ribbon or certificate at the recital to fill out for each student and present at the end of the program.

  • NO FLASH PICTURES DURING PERFORMANCE. Parents may take pictures after the recital. All cell phones must be turned off or on silent.

  • BABIES & RESTLESS CHILDREN may be taken around the side to the room with doors (at First Congregational Church).

  • Encourage all students & families to stay for the ENTIRE RECITAL. If leaving is unavoidable, please advise student & family to sit toward the back and leave discreetly in between performers.

  • No refreshments allowed in the sanctuary; refreshments may be in the foyer only.

  • No seating in the first row of pews (First Congregational Church).

  • We would like to make the recitals relaxed and friendly, however, we want to encourage GOOD CONCERT ETIQUETTE, as this is an important part of the students’ musical training. These recitals represent the Clark County Chapter of the Music Teachers’ National Association to the public. A high degree of professionalism should be maintained.

CCMTA Young Performers Recital