Clark County Music Teachers Association students (and teachers!) have the opportunity to study composition with a local, award winning composer, Liz Nedela. This Composition Program helps teachers develop a plan to add composition to their studio using a concise plan that doesn't take long in lesson plans. Or, students can learn that skill from teachers who teach composition, enhancing their lessons in your studio. Plus, this new skill can become an outlet for their own creativity and could possible develop their own artistic development.

Why study composition?

Students who learn music composition develop a "composer-eye-view" and deeper understanding of the music they play. Theory takes on a practical meaning, but it also adds a personal and creative aspect. Students can develop composition skills as they learn elements of theory, using those skills either as practical aspects of understanding music or as an outlet for creativity in a medium exclusive to their own shaping and design.

Composition Program Opportunities:

CCMTA Teachers | Ideas and assistance to teach composition in your studio: FREE!



  • Theory Based Composition | Any level, any age: as we learn theory, we apply it to composition.

  • Instrument | Any Instrument, any level, any age; will confer with your instrument-teacher. 

  • Piano | We will use piano as a tool; prior piano ability helpful, but not a requirement.

  • Other tools | Manuscript paper, pencil, ruler; books TBA 

  • Computer Notation Software | Student owned; help and direction with hand-written scores.

  • Types of Lessons | Private or group lessons; in-person, SKYPE; periodic classes/performance.

  • Tuition | $22 per 30-minute lesson; longer times may be arranged; payable monthly in advance.  

  • Placement & Evaluation consultation | No charge.

  • Time-plan | Weekly lessons are preferable; other arrangements may be arranged.


For registration information, please contact our Composition Program Chair: Liz Nedela.

CCMTA Composition Program